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Flight of the Navigator by Blueshift2k5 Flight of the Navigator :iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 39 5
Two Peas In A Pod
"I still can't believe how crazy today was!" Twilight Sparkle blew a tuft of hair away from her eyes as she surveyed the clean-up effort currently on-going across Canterlot. Though the Changeling army had been driven from that hallowed city, the damage was still intense. All around ponies worked hard to tidy away piles of rubble and put out small fires amongst the wreckage.
Twilight turned to her brother who was silently scanning over a set of building plans whilst watching the repair efforts, doing his best to remain stoic but more importantly, ignoring her. She gave him a friendly smack to the back of the head with her hoof. He still did not reply. "So, strange thing…" Twilight continued. "When I met Cadance – the real Cadance that is, in the caves, she was all set to get married. So you must have been close to your wedding date when she was switched with the Changeling Queen…" She trailed off again, looking up at her brother.
Shining Armor continued staring ahe
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 9 3
Home Is Where The Harp Is
"You seem to be drifting, Lyra."
The words continued to echo in Lyra's mind as she slumped against her sofa, slurping down the remains of a week-old bottle of soda. Drifting. That was what Davenport had said to her almost five months ago now when he'd noticed she had been sitting on the same bench in the park every day for the past four weeks. First thing in the morning until late afternoon, she had curled up on her favourite seat and watched the world go by, reliving happier times. Then she would go home, plant her hindquarters in the worn dimple in her favourite sofa, and spend the rest of the evening alone. It wasn't a bad life, by any means.
Idly she prodded her belly. It wobbled back at her. She was letting herself go: she knew it, everypony knew it. Davenport knew it, which is why he'd given her the job of Quill Clerk at his 'Quills and Sofas' store. After that, her life had continued with slightly more purpose: get up, go to work, count quills (even though there weren't t
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 20 4
Twilight Sparkle Pea by Blueshift2k5 Twilight Sparkle Pea :iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 97 16
Cake Story - Chapter 3
Twenty years earlier
Cup Cake had been crying.
It was not the disposable weeping of an unruly filly, but a far more guttural thing. The sobs built up in wracking waves, thickly-caked makeup on the young mare's face smearing and dribbling down her face as she failed to hold back the tears. And when she thought she could cry no more, as she gasped for breath with raggedy bursts, the tears came again.
She had sunk against one of the kitchen counters in Sugar Cube Corner, constantly rubbing the warm tears from her cheeks, aware of the mess it was making. From her blurred watery vision she could see the sky outside was black, could hear the tick-tocking of the old family clock as it counted down the minutes.
The dance would be starting soon.
That was the one thought, the only thought, that whirled around and around in her head that night. The Ponyville High graduation party. The start of her life as an adult pony where she was supposed to put her silly fillyhood dreams behind her and
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 5 4
Cake Story - Chapter 2
"Mr Breezy, you're old aren't you? How old are you, real old I bet!"
Mr Breezy, proprietor of Mr Breezy's Fan Emporium, the number one rated fan store in Ponyville ten years running, blinked in horror at the pink pony looming in the middle of the street in front of him, feeling oddly terrified. "Keep it down!" he gulped, glancing about in case any passing pony overheard. "That's not something you ask, Pinkie Pie!" He gave a short huff. "Besides, you're only as old as the mare you feel. And as I'm single, that means I'm ageless!"
Pinkie frowned. Perhaps this did need a more delicate touch. "I meant it in a good way Mr Breezy!" she merrily chirped as if it was the nicest statement in the world. "I thought 'who is the bestest, most cleverest pony who has lived in Ponyville a long time and knows everyone', and I thought of you! It's you!"
"It's… me?" Mr Breezy repeated in a slightly dumbfounded manner. "Look Pinkie, I've got a delivery of fans coming in soon. They're the new model
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 4 1
Cake Story - Chapter 1
Author's note – This story takes place before the season two episode 'Baby Cakes'.
Pinkie Pie rolled over lazily, hugging a pillow to herself as the rays of the warm morning sun gently trickled through her window. In a haze, she heard the clatter of plates from below as Mr and Mrs Cake went about their morning chores, but the happy warmth of the sun hurried all thoughts of going downstairs out of her mind, and she stifled a yawn, scrunching her cosy bed sheets around her.
Life was good.
Perhaps after a nice walk around Ponyville she would help the Cakes in the store for an hour or so. Then maybe a bath. Or another nap. She yawned again and cuddled her bed sheets. A nap sounded good.
Mrs Cake's voice disturbed her peace as her eyes flickered open. She started to rise, but then thought better of it and flopped back onto her mattress. There was supposed to be a travelling theatre that was arriving in Ponyville later, Twilight had been telling her about it. Maybe she
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 14 2
EqD April Fools - New My Little Pony Toys! by Blueshift2k5 EqD April Fools - New My Little Pony Toys! :iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 89 23
The Legend Of Star Swirl The Bearded - Chapter 6
Star Swirl did not merely walk to the Great Hall, she swaggered. Word obviously spread through the palace fast, and everywhere she walked she received a respectful nod or a courteous bow. Her strides were confident and powerful, her head was held high, her chest puffed out. The buzz she felt from such adoration was almost addictive, causing a heart swell of pride at every unicorn who acknowledged her superiority.
Clover was faring less well. The slightly smaller mare was scrambling along the castle corridors in an attempt to keep up with Star Swirl's strides, hampered by the dress she wore which kept tangling around her hooves and tripping her up. Star Swirl turned for the umpteenth time to narrow her eyes at her assistant, who once more toppled head-first at her hooves.
"Sorry sir!" Clover squeaked, picking herself up. Whilst Star Swirl's robes were hardly high-class, they were at least now ironed neatly. Clover on the other hoof was wearing a blue dress that was obviously seve
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 7 0
The Legend Of Star Swirl The Bearded - Chapter 5
"It's ah… just up here Mr Swirl!"
Star Swirl stood back as the guard heaved her wooden cart up the narrow spiral staircase that seemed to stretch up forever. There were clatters and bangs and several items looked like they were about to topple off. Every so often, something looked like it would fall, and Star Swirl had to deftly rush up the stairs to balance the runaway item back on top.
"Could you uh, could you not use your magic to teleport it?" The guard's voice was strained. Star Swirl could see that the guard had enveloped the cart in a weak magical field to aid with the lifting, but was having to pull most of it by hoof.
"There's nothing wrong with good honest work, that's what I always say!" Star Swirl called up around the stairwell as she continued to climb. "Besides, I'm holding onto the back end!" She continued to trot upwards, making no effort to help push the difficultly sized object up the stairs. The surrealism of the day's events still stuck in her mind, and she kep
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 5 0
The Legend Of Star Swirl The Bearded - Chapter 4
"Come on Star Swirl, you can do this!" Star Swirl splashed herself with another hoofful of water from the sink, clearing away a few more cobwebs from her tired mind. The events of the past hour raced past in her mind like the pages of a rather awful story. Had she really tried the coconut trick on the king of the unicorns? What was all that about trifles? And what the hay did she think she was doing?
The comforting weight of the moneybags against her sides gave her the answer. She had the gold, that beautiful precious gold. Nothing else mattered, now all she needed to do was keep both it and her head.
She took a step back and looked at herself in a large, ornate mirror, taking some time to adjust her beard. Thankfully the guards had seemed unwilling to follow her in to the bathroom and so she had at least a brief moment to be herself. The room itself was a minor miracle – white tiled walls, private cubicles, mirrors everywhere, and even running water! It was like magic (and probab
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 3 1
The Legend Of Star Swirl The Bearded - Chapter 3
Past the huge wooden gates that stood atop the mountain path lay the home of the unicorns. The High Peaks spread out before Star Swirl, craggy mountaintops coated with wispy cloud around which lay a complex network of dwellings. Hoof-made spires jostled with natural ones; large chunks of the rock faces were levelled off and extended into the mist to form the groundwork of the biggest city Star Swirl had ever seen, each mountain range joined by bridges that looked as sturdy as they did impossibly delicate. The entrance to the High Peaks was a similar path, a long stone walkway that looked terrifyingly fragile which stretched from the gates to the next mountainside upon which the huge and powerful royal palace lay like a dragon hunched protectively over its hoard.
In truth, Star Swirl felt a pang of disappointment.
It was not that the capital city of Unicornia was not impressive, far from it. She had no idea how it was even possible build such a city in the clouds, let alone get enough r
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 4 1
Star Swirl The Beardless by Blueshift2k5 Star Swirl The Beardless :iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 50 1
The Legend Of Star Swirl The Bearded - Chapter 2
Star Swirl rose with the sun early the next morning. This was half because of her desire to travel to the kingdom of Unicornia, half because she dimly recalled violently throwing up somewhere in Rocky's house and wanted to leave before her host discovered the mess. Her original plan the night before was to pretend to be uncontrollably inebriated and so guilt trip Rocky into letting her crash on his sofa instead of paying for a hotel room; as it turned out downing half the tavern's stock of hard cider in one night made the 'pretence' part of the plan unnecessary.
Picking her discarded cloak and hat from the battered couch, Star Swirl glanced into the mirror. The eyes of a rather hung-over blue earth pony stared back at her. She rubbed her bleary eyes with her hooves again and started to comb her bedraggled mane into shape. The idea of travelling to Unicornia to pick up her rightful reward had sounded a fine plan last night, but in the harsh light of day, doubts about the sanity of this
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 7 2
The Legend Of Star Swirl The Bearded - Chapter 1
Five years ago, the world was not a snowy wasteland. That same valley was once a balmy and pleasant green wilderness, surrounded by lush foliage of all shades, peaceful, quiet and serene. One midsummer's day, a figure draped in a resplendent wizards cloak, large hat and puffy white beard had set out from that very same wooden cabin buried in the Lonely Mountains, pulling a cart laden high with all manner of mysterious objects.
It was a journey Star Swirl made often enough. The trail up the mountainside was long and treacherous and took all day to cross, but that was nothing compared to the dangers of the lawless plains, where all manner of bandits roamed free.
Star Swirl's only companion on that long journey towards civilisation was the constant squeaking of the cart wheels as they threatened to spin off their axles and topple the precious cargo onto the ground. A hot summer's day soon gave way into chilling night as the wizard finally descended the last of the mountainous ridges and m
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 8 3
The Legend Of Star Swirl The Bearded - Prologue
It had not stopped snowing for five years. The snow continued to fall in a never-ending flurry, flakes whirling in circles in the grey sky before settling in huge drifts that blanketed the Lonely Mountains. It was almost beautiful, Clover thought to herself, as she struggled unsteadily through the mounds of snow that blocked her path. Almost beautiful, if it weren't so painfully cold. The surroundings had lost any semblance of clarity, causing her to stumble forward on the heels of her companion, keeping the faith that the next step wouldn't plunge her off an icy precipice to her certain doom.
It had not stopped snowing for years. The land was cold, dead and grey, and it felt like that was the way it had always been. Little foals in the schools grew up hearing stories about something called 'sun' and 'rain', never quite understanding the concepts. But once, she knew, it had not been that way. Once, the sun had shone. Once –
Her train of thought was broken by an enthusiastic shout
:iconblueshift2k5:Blueshift2k5 10 3


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